Your kitchen is the center of your home. That’s where you cook, eat, socialize, work and play. Simply put, your kitchen is where you live. So if you’re thinking of updating it, make sure you really think about what you need, what you want and how much you’re willing to spend. Here are some advices on how to update a kitchen on a budget and how to build your dream kitchen. Read this article for an amazing kitchen remodeling suggestion.

8 top tips to remodel a kitchen

  1. Have a plan

Before starting the design phase of your kitchen, ask yourself what you are looking for. If you’re not sure what your dream kitchen looks like, do your research. You can find ideas through houzz or apartment therapy. These websites are great resources for people, as well as for design professionals, to help share ideas and design styles. We recommend you choosing a timeless design instead of adopting the current trend. The timeless approach is always better when designing the kitchen. Search for materials that are easy to clean and need less maintenance. When buying a tile, pay attention to the number of lines and care needed.

  1. Function is important

Function is as important as style. Who will cook? How you want to cook nicely? These are important questions because you really need to understand what your needs are and how you like to cook. Do you like to have fun while cooking? Are you a casual cook or microwave user?

  1. Consider your budget

Budget kitchen renovation will determine the level of improvement you will have to take. With $ 5000, you will get a cosmetic upgrade, $ 10,000 will give you a more personalized upgrade, and $ 20,000 may include a complete renovation, including a new marble countertop and a new cabinet. Make sure you consider the labor costs if you are going to hire a designer and builders. When moving a wall or making changes to electrical installations or electrical outlets, it’s always good to hire a professional.

Workstations and tiles can be the most expensive part of the kitchen, but if you buy them well, there’s no need to break in your budget.

  1. Have budget for emergencies

Put 20% of your budget for emergencies and unexpected situations such as decaying floorboards or broken taps. If you find yourself in danger of exceeding budget, we recommend you searching for IKEA or vintage / reclamation materials for cheaper alternatives. IKEA has some surprising wallet-friendly designs that now offer a longer warranty. Another approach to saving money is to call in local assemblers who may have leftovers from other projects. The design can give character to the overall design.

  1. Have priorities

The reality is that your dream kitchen may be beyond your budget, so we recommend that you gradually classify it. What should you do first? What can you live without for the near future, but in the end you need it? What can you do without everything? Answering these questions will help you determine which features will be used in the process stages when you can review the rest of your budget.

  1. Search online first

Small changes like a new faucet, a new set of desks or table treatments can alter the atmosphere of your kitchen in a good way. When buying things, it’s always better to see such additions so you can feel their consistency and see how it looks offline. However, when considering the use of equipment, it is best to search online first. It pays to do an online search first, because the home appliances can be overwhelming. Look out what you’re looking for and how much you charge for each specific thing. Some local home appliances can cost a lot, so be prepared.

  1. Buy unique light fixtures

The nice light feature in the kitchen can make bold statements and is usually worth the investment while saving the rest of the ‘budget’ design. Whether it’s lighting or a refrigerator or backsplash, choose the ones that matter most to you and that’s your fancy stuff. Lighting is our choice because we have something for unique light fixtures and it can set the mood of a room.

  1. Consider open shelving

Open shelves can be a great way if you want to add texture and personality to your kitchen. Of course, it is important that this open shelf is always well-organised, otherwise your kitchen may look chaotic. Remember that this space should reflect your personality and character so do not be afraid to adjust it to the things that matter. Instead of sticking with the perfect white ceramic container you see in decorating the editorial way, do not be afraid to use the memorabilia or pieces you’ve collected over the years. An old collection of kitchen cabinets or creative storage containers adds an interesting piece of conversation.

Another last thing to be considered before renovating your kitchen is to check for asbestos. If you live in an old house in Melbourne, it may contain asbestos materials. Call a professional Asbestos Removal In Melbourne ( or search for one through an endorsement asbestos removal company in Melbourne to find a professional.